Production System & Welfare

Basic Principle, Structure

With its emphasis on providing stable quality, entering new fields and developing technologies for the future, Fuji Bellows is at the forefront of industries such as the auto industry which require a growing range of product types.This requires both improvements on the technical side and outstanding human resources, and Fuji Bellows considers it vital to achieve a harmonic balance between the two.

Technological developments

We actively promote greater use of CAD tools and are streamlining design control. In our search for new technology we seek to combine the flexible thinking of our new personnel with the experience of veteran employees.

Quality assurance

We supply high quality products for use in a wide range of fields, carrying out completely a strict test trial, through introduction of various test equipments for instance, in order that we could have the environmental conditions suited to the use of the product.

Production facilities

We actively introduce the latest plant and equipment to raise productivity and reliability. We also achieve dramatic improvements in performance by making use of mass-production facilities we have developed ourselves.

Production control

Building a local area network has allowed us to entirely computerize data on everything from orders through to production, supplies, inventory and sales. We are able to swiftly respond to our customer’s needs.

Corporate welfare

In order to meet customer’s needs (quality, delivery time, price), it is essential to improve production systems, research and develop better technologies, maintain stable quality, and reduce costs by producing in-house. And it is necessary not only to harmonize man with machine, but also to increase cooperation between employees and the company and create a relationship where both can grow. At Fuji Bellows, we understand that there is nothing to choose between making an expansion of the company and elevating the standard of employees’ living, and in our approach to business we bear that constantly in mind.