The quest to offer reliable quality and develop the
technology to support generations to come.


Since our establishment in 1947 and for the years to come, Fuji Bellows Co.,Ltd. has focused its resources on our bellows and wax thermo-pellet technologies and the research and development of their applications. Our applied temperature and pressure control technologies are used in a variety of settings including automotive, housing equipment, aircraft and space technology, heavy electrical equipment, nuclear power plants, measuring equipment, office equipment and more.
Creating energy efficiency to prevent global warming, the realization of clean engines, and living environments convenient but healthy and safe are just some of the fields in which we have set out to develop products through fresh perspectives.
Based on “Technology and Trust” and “Health and Safety”, and by acting with CSR (corporate social responsibility), we wish to contribute to the global community through environmentally-conscious product development.

Hideo Ando,President & C.E.O.

Management Philosophy

  • Customer consideration is utmost.
  • Offering the latest technology and attractive products that meet the requests of customers worldwide.
  • Making the “impossible” possible by challenging new goals.
  • Building a brighter corporation based upon employer-employee reliance and responsibility.
  • Becoming a global presence through corporate development.

Company Profile

Foundation 1947.5.15
Capital 100,000,000 yen
The number of employees 250
Company business Design, manufacture and sales of each article, such as various parts for automobile, Housing and aerospace equipment, as well as bellows and assembly.
List of articles Thermostat, Flow control valve, Thermo pellet, Thermal valve, Press .SW, Temp .SW, Bellows, Bellows assembly, Sensor and Other assembly parts.
Contact: Sales Department [ Tel: 0467-30-9026 ] [ Fax: 0467-30-9028 ]

Head office & Ayase office
Kozono 969-1, Ayase-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 242-0012
[ Tel: 0467-70-0300 ] [ Fax: 0467-77-1151 ]

Sales & Technology Center
Kozono 968-1, Ayase-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 252-1121
Sales Division [ Tel: 0467-30-9026 ] [ Fax: 0467-30-9028 ]
Technical Development Division[ Tel: 0467-30-9025 ] [ Fax: 0467-30-9028 ]

Sagami plant
Fukamihigashi 1-6-8, Yamato-shi, Kanaghawa-ken, Japan 242-0012
[ Tel: 046-261-2405 ][ Fax: 046-261-5045 ]

Tsukuba plant
Fukaya 26, Kasumigaura-shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan 300-0134
[ Tel: 029-897-1500 ] [ Fax: 029-897-1782 ]

Fuji plant
Fujioka 1374-5, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan 41 7-0841
[ Tel: 0545-34-1249 ] [ Fax: 0545-38-0806 ]


Fuji Seiko Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
Land Plot J-5 2nd-Floor, Nomura-Hai Phong IZ, An Duong District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam
[ Tel: +84-31-3290-856 ] [ Fax: +84-31-3290-855 ]


1947 Founded in Fuji, Shizuoka. Started the production sales of metal bellows.
1951 Reorganized to Co.,Ltd. with the capital of ¥1,000,000.
1953 Established plant in Tokyo (TK). The head office and Fuji plant moved toTK.R & D established in TK for engineers.
1961 Capital increased up to ¥20,000,000. Sagami Plant established in Yamato, installed mass production System for bellows and applied bellows.
1963 Capital increased up to ¥50,000,000. Established FTC Under joint management with STC at the capital of ¥20,000,000.
1967 Fuji-Seiki Co .,Ltd. Founded in Fuji, Shizuoka.
1969 Fuji-Thomson plant established in Ayase, Kanagawa in order to install the mass production of Wax Thermostat.
1970 Capital increased up to ¥62,500,000.
1974 Fuji-Seiki Co.,Ltd. Established Nagaoka plant.
1976 Capital increased up to ¥120,000,000 in Fuji-Thomson Co.,Ltd.
1985 Established Tsukuba plant to produce OA & Vacuum equipment.
1992 The head office moved to Sagami Plant, Yamato for the rationalization of management. And Tokyo plant closed.
1997 Capital increased up to ¥81,250,000.
1999 Merged Three companies “Fuji Bellows Co.,Ltd. Fuji-Thomson Co.,Ltd.Fuji-Seiki Co.,Ltd. "among Fuji group in order to simplify the present business and make a competitive price. Capital increased up to ¥101,250,000.
2005 Capital decreased to ¥100,000,000.
2011 Established Fuji Seiko Vietnam Co.,Ltd. As subsidiary in Hai Phong,Vietnam.
2016 For the rationalization of management,The head office moved to Ayase plant,and The business division and the technical development division moved to Sales & Technology Center.

Enterprise Composition

・Research institutes, universities
・Consumer electrical appliances, heavy electric equipment
・Measuring instruments, telecom and office equipment
・Plant, nuclear power
・Housing equipment
・Vacuum and medical equipment, Precision instruments
・General machinery, industrial equipment

Major Customers


Toyota Motor Corp. Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd. Keihin Corp.
Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd. Volvo Powertrain YUTAKA GIKEN CO .,LTD.
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. Daimler AG Mikuni Corp.
Isuzu Motors Ltd. General Motors Company Denso Corp.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corp. Yanmar Co.,Ltd. Nikki Co. ,Ltd.
Hino Motors Ltd. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. JATCO Ltd.
UD Trucks Co.,Ltd. Komatsu Ltd. Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd.
Suzuki Motor Corp. Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Tohatsu Corp.
Mazda Motor Corp. Kobe Steel Ltd. U-Shin Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd. Hokuetsu Industries Co,,Ltd. Kyowa Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Housing Equipment Parts

TOTO Ltd. Panasonic Ecology Systems Co.,Ltd. LIXIL Corp.
Noritz Corp. Panasonic Corp. TOCLAS CRPORATION.
Panasonic Eco Solutions Chofu Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. Shinwa Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Housing Equipment Co.,Ltd. YAGIKUMA Co.,Ltd. SUMISHO METALEX Corp.

Bellows. Aerospace Parts

IHI Corp. Okano Valve Mfg. CO. Sysmex Corp.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Toshiba Corp. SEIKO EPSON Corp.
IHI Aerospace Co.,Ltd. Yokogawa Electric Corp. Yazaki Energy System Corp.
Sumitomo Precision Products Co.,Ltd Hitachi Ltd. JEOL Ltd.
Ministry Of Defense. VENN Co.,Ltd. LS Industrial Systems Co.,Lid.
CANON ANELVA Corp. Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Fujita Metal Trading Co.,Ltd.
FUSHIMAN HANBAI Co.,Ltd. Togo Sangyo Co.,Ltd. Sojitz Aerospace Corp.

ISO certified - International standard of quality.

Our company recognizes that preservation of the environment is one of the most important tasks facing mankind.Therefore, as a corporation, we vow to work earnestly towards environmental protection.Furthermore, through the use of quality management systems we are able to produce reliable products for our customers.




JIS Q 9100:2016